Top 5 Funniest Underrated Comedy Anime To Watch Right Now

The anime fans have been sleeping on these gems far too long!

best underrated comedy anime

What are the Most Underrated Comedy Animes?

The list of top 5 most underrated Comedy Anime is:

1. School Rumble

2. Detroit Metal City

3. Grand Blue Dreaming

4. Handa-Kun

5. Cromartie Highschool

Now let’s move forward with helping you pick one from this list. In other words, I would be explaining what kind of audience will like the particular comedy Anime. And this will make it so, that you are guaranteed to pick the perfect one that you will love, neverminding the fact that it is considered an underrated comedy Anime.

Please don’t misunderstand, each and every one of these Anime is top tier in the world in terms of content.

But there is such thing as personal preference, meaning different people like different Anime, or styles of humor. This concept of personal preference is vanishing from people’s brains as time goes on.

And as for me, well, I relished every one of them. These Anime were underrated, that’s for sure, yet they had me rolling from their very first episodes.

5Cromartie HighschoolCromartie high school

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 26

Dub: Yes

Everything about this Anime screams “hahaha! yo, what the hell is this?”.

Set in a high school filled with delinquents, and obviously, it’s is an all-boys school. Furthermore, only God knows that no one can explain what is happening in this school. As the anime draws its humor from the shock factor, as these weird and hilarious sequences are transpiring.

The story is episodic for the most part because it shows the life of the protagonist in this school. Although I say life, it’s actually more like survival, as the MC is like the only sane, and disciplined kid in the whole establishment.

The Anime has a somewhat similar humor style as a mixture of Jojo and Gintama.

But if you are a fan of the Anime Beelzebub, then I personally guarantee that you will love it!

4Handa-Kunhanda kun funny anime

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Dub: Yes

As an introvert, Handa-Kun was unexpectedly relatable, although I can’t quite put my finger on why?

The story follows a devilishly handsome guy name, Handa. The girls want him, and the guys want to be like him.

But the problem is everyone keeps their distance from him, as he is considered too cool for mere mortals.

But from Handa’s perspective, he thinks that everyone despises him. He is suffering from some anxiety as well, and this blinds him from the admiration of others.

In short, no one approaches him because he is just too cool, while he approaches no one as he thinks others hate him.

3Grand Blue Dreamingfunny anime grand blue dreami

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Dub: No

I have some groundbreaking news for you.

Although you might not believe what I say next but make no mistake, it is the truth. THAT THIS ANIME IS SET IN COLLEGE!

Nani??!!! The anime world has colleges too, I used to think that you go to highschool and boom! It’s adulthood now.

Apart from the setting, the comedy is just too good. And it’s just a comedy slice of life that accurately describes college life. Which is, being drunk, and drinking, and did I mention consuming alcohol?

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If you like prison school, you will love this!

2Detroit Metal City AKA DMC90448249

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 12

Dub: No

Everybody is sleeping on this anime literally because of a singular reason, which is the art style. Also, this DMC has nothing to do with Devil May Cry, it’s an original comedy anime.

But I want you to ignore that, and you have my personal assurance that you will love him. The only ‘if’ is that you should be able to appreciate some dark humor. The anime fun, over the top, and extremely hilarious!

Here is a clip from it, just watch it and then decide.

1School RumbleScool rumble romantic comedy anime

Seasons: 3

Episodes: 54 + 2 OVAs

Dub: Yes

School rumble is the only romantic comedy on the list. But the anime so good that you will love it even if you hate romance in anything.

The anime is just perfect as it has a lot of colorful characters, along with a well-written story, as well as comedy that will make you laugh hysterically and lastly with a dash of romance. Not just any romance, but a love triangle with a lot of worthy side ships.

One of the main reasons to watch is the main character, well one of the main characters. His name is Harima, and no matter who you are, you will love the guy. I mean he is someone that you find yourself cheering for him as he finds himself in the stupidest situations ever; like my dude is totally hopeless! — all this to for the journey for the quest of finding true love.

If This Comedy Anime is so Good then Why is it Unpopular?

Nowadays, I see people complaining more and more about how every Anime is just a reskin of a more successful one. Although I do not completely agree with this perspective, yet I have to admit that there is some truth to it.

It seems like, following a certain blueprint would give the anime a chance to succeed!

Like we see in the case of SAO, as it has established that an overpowered protagonist is vital to the Isekai Anime.

But how does all this relate to comedy Anime?

Well, then let me enlighten you, my naive child. There are some common blueprints for Comedy Anime, i.e certain types of humor would propel an Anime’s popularity.

And this brings us back to the topic!

The shows that I am going to share with you now are a bit unique. Thus, these underrated Comedy Animes can be much better than the overrated ones. As the only reason for the lack of popularity lies within their different vibe.



  1. Yeah man, I totally get what you are saying, officials of the anime and manga industry don’t really play around. You sound like someone who has a lot to say, if you want to write about anime, let your opinions be heard, please drop me an email at [email protected]. I would be happy to help out a fellow fan.

  2. Yeah man, there are too many underrated animes, especially comedy that lots of people overlook, i have seen grand blue and cromartie highschool, although i am not the biggest grand blue fan, i can agree that these two animes are unique to their genres and bring a breath of fresh air. I am so saddened that animes like these ones that bring so much to the table are overlooked because of them not being popular enough. I have seen cromartie highschool and if the series continued, it would have easily been my favorite comedy anime, but well that’s a sad reality that we won’t ever get to experience. The anime and entertainment industry really shove things under the curtain if they seem too different or unique from what is normally popular and its really sad man. There are so many good shows and movies out there that we don’t know of that people are really missing out. Glad that these underrated animes some of the recognition that they deserve, but seriously man its a sad pain to see them being almost forgotten and unknown by people.


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