All Straw Hat Pirates Ranked by Strength! (May 2022)

The final answer to Luffy vs Zoro, Nami vs Ussop, Jinbe vs Sanji, and more!

The Most Powerful Straw hat pirates Luffy Zoro Sanji Jinbe
One Piece Art of the Mightiest Straw hat Pirates by 19Gangu

Ranking One Piece Main Characters:

What is the power ranking of Straw Hat Pirates after Jinbe joined? I know this question has plagued many One Piece fans and it always results in a toxic debate. I will be using facts and logic to put this topic at rest, once and for all. Keep in mind that this ranking list will be looking at their capabilities when it comes to fighting a typical opponent.

So we will not be focusing on a royal rumble between all the One Piece main characters AKA the Mugiwara crew, since some powers are weak to others in various situations. And this also means we will not give high consideration to their planning abilities. Because some small-brained people think that Ussop will defeat Chopper since he wounded Luffy when they were fighting. When considering the impressive feats of the characters, it’s essential to consider the context.

Luffy vs Doflamingo
Luffy Vs Doflamingo

All the Information on Straw Hat Pirates:

Summary of all the information on Straw hat Pirate Crew with Latest Bounties. They are also ranked strength-wise from weakest to strongest.
Name Bounty King’s Haki Observation Haki Armament Haki   Join-ing Order Devil Fruit Status
Luffy 1.5 billion yes yes yes 1rst Rubber Captain
Zoro 320 million no yes yes 2nd Swordsman
Sanji 330 million no yes yes 5th Cook
Jinbe 400 million no probably yes 10th Helmsman
Brook 83 million no no no 9th Revive Musician
Franky 94 million no no no 8th Shipwright
Chopper 100 no no no 6th Human Doctor
Nami 66 million no no no 3rd Navigator
Robin 130 million no no no 7th Flower Archaeologist
Ussop 200 million no yes no 4th Sniper

Source: Bounties, Source: all information

We already know the characters that have Haki abilities will rank higher on this list. An obvious example of this is the Conqueror’s Haki’s users, the Haki’s strength is directly dependent upon the will of its users. Moreover, each and every canon king’s Haki user has tremendous power both in terms of strength, numbers, or both – they always have a lot of powerful subordinates.

As for evidence, just look at Riley, he was the vice-captain of the Pirate King Gol D. Roger’s crew! While all the ‘Younkous’ have fleets with thousands of subordinates. Boa Hancock is also a Conqueror’s Haki user, as well as an empress of an island Nation. And similarly, Doflamingo was the king of Dressrosa while also being a former Celestian Dragon.

Do I even need to say more? hence, I conclude conqueror’s Haki is equal to certified badassness.

10‘God’ UssopUssop one piece straw hat pirates ranked

You must be in shock to see that God himself occupies the last position in terms of power. Although, personally I would have selected GoDUssop, Sniper King, and CornDiano as the legendary top 3 in One Piece.

Sadly I cannot, as within the straw hats his majesty remains in his suppressed state, rather than his divine one.

Ok, enough with the jokes let’s talk facts!

Oda has stated himself that,

” Usopp has been and will be the weakest in straw hats” – One Piece 10th treasure (2007).

We also know Oda is extremely consistent even though he said that in 2007. I mean there is really only one scene, where I thought of Ussop as somewhat of a badass. And that was at his fight in the Alabasta arc.

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Ussop vs. Nami:

Previously I would have put Nami in the last place. But she has Zeus now, and that is no small matter. Yeah yeah, I know Zeus has returned to Big Mom. Although his abilities are so perfect for Nami, thus I think she will regain him at the end of this arc, and you can quote me on that!

The only thing I can think of as a saving grace for our favorite sniper is that he has a kind of long-range observation Haki, this put him in the top 5, right?

No, this ability does not help in solo combat. Common guys, even Ussop himself acknowledges he is weak.

9‘Cat Bugler’ NamiNami one piece

She would be number 10, if not for Zeus, on top of that Ussop made here a new weather-controlling pole. Zeus is no laughing matter, it can deal with huge damage over a large area.

Although in the manga Zeus became weak after discharge. I think it got his powers from Big Mom directly, as Prometheus got giant when Lin Lin got pissed, even in this case Nami is not in trouble as she can charge Zeus seemingly indefinitely with her thunderclouds. Ussop would be killed by Zeus in most situations.

I know Zeus was taken back by big mom in the recent chapter. But I know it will come can back, as a perfect power-up for Nami because he complements her weather abilities so well.

8‘Demon Child’ Robin

Robin one piece

When Robin joined the crew she had the second highest bounty yet as we know now that was because of Robin’s ability to read the Ponoglypes.

Robin’s combat abilities are as follows:

  • Flower-flower fruit allows her to grow her limbs anywhere.
  • Merging 1000s of hands or feet, making giant ones.
  • Can fly.
  • Limbs grow on literally any solid surface, giving her a lot of versatility.
  • Can use Haki

Her power gives her a lot of versatility along with a specialty in taking care of many fodder opponents at once. She may not be stronger than Zeus, but her tough life has made her mental strength so strong that she does not even flinch when facing extremely powerful opponents. And the same thing can’t really be said for either Nami or Ussop. Recently she faced Black Maria when Sanji was getting destroyed.

7‘Cotton Candy Lover’ Tony Tony Chopper

Chopper one pieceChopper is considered one of the so-called ‘weak trio’ that’s mainly due to his childish and timid character. But we should keep in mind he is in no way incapable in combat, as our favorite reindeer has one of the biggest arsenals of abilities, and most forms out of any Zoan type devil fruit in One Piece. Here is a list of Chopper’s forms abilities.

Chopper has a total of seven rumble points, all the names are given below:

  • Monster point
  • Horn point
  • Arm point
  • Walk point
  • Guard point
  • Kung-fu Point
  • Brain Point

The rest of the abilities of Chopper are as an extremely qualified doctor, not for combat. Although Chopper once used an anesthesia attack on Luffy to make him hallucinate while later knocking him unconscious.

The monster point itself is very over-powered. If you recall, before the time skip Monster Chopper was wrecking all the CP9 solo. While the rest of the straw hat crew was struggling to win, and this includes the monster trio. Considering this it is reasonable to assume that Chopper after the time skip is more powerful than, Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji combined. Of course, I am talking about their power levels during the Water 7 arc.

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Also, he just slapped a certain very powerful character in a recent chapter(keeping this spoiler-free for anime watchers).

6‘Cyborg’ Franky

Franky one pieceFranky is a hell of a strong character, however, the community is underestimating him due to his battle with Senior Pink, now let me clear this. That was a battle of men, not your typical all-out one using all the abilities.

Franky also has the giant General Franky mecha, which is nearly indestructible. He has also utilized Vegapunk’s tech on his body, which allows him to create a radical beam stronger than the Pacifistas. Franky as a whole is definitely stronger than many Pacifistas together.

Remember that it took all the Straw hat Crew to barely defeat a single Pacifista. So here is another reasonable assumption for you — My man Franky is stronger than the strongest fighters of Straw Hat Pirates combined during the Sabaody Archipelago Arc!

5‘Soul King’ BrookBrook one piece

Brook is a powerhouse, he faced the Big Mom with no signs of fear, although he did nothing much to her, it is still pretty impressive. Brook was no doubt the MVP of the whole cake island arc.

He is a swordsman moreover he can summon frost from the underworld to freeze others. Furthermore, he cannot take damage, he will not die unless his entire body shatters at once. When push comes to shove we have seen Brook become fearless when facing danger.

Remember when he was practically alone when that artist woman showed up on Sunny at Dressrosa. He also took on the responsibility of saving and guarding the weaker Straw hats on the Mink island, while fighting against the sheep head guy.

4‘First Son of Sea’ JinbeJinbe one piece

The only thing I need to justify here is, how is Sanji stronger? at which I have shed light under Sanji’s sub-heading. Some people go as far as to claim that Jinbe is stronger than Zoro as well.

Jinbe has many badass moments in the show like my dude even knocked THE BIG MOM out of the Thousand Sunny. But that was using seawater (Big Mom is weak to it since she is a devil fruit user) not just by his own raw power. To be frank we have not seen Jinbe have a proper fight against an equally matched opponent so that we can accurately judge his power.

3‘Black Leg’ Vinsmoke SanjiSanji one piece

To be honest, Sanji did not display much in the latest arc yet I think he will shine more in the future as this guy has not shown his full capabilities for now. Jinbe seems stronger than Sanji but I know Oda will make Sanji shine again. Our monster cook has finally gotten a new power-up, the raid suit.

Sanji’s has increased dramatically, as we have seen him beating page one with no difficulty at all. Also, it was impressive how he took on both Hawkins and Drake at the same time without even a single second thought.

Sanji compared to Zoro, the swordsman wins although it will be a high difficulty fight for both of them. Oda likes to keep those two as a rival in the story. For example, the power levels of CP9 agents they both fought had a very small power gap. If these two fight, I imagine it to be like Fleet-Admiral Akainu vs Admiral Aokoji.

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The other two on the list are there just to beat people up because when Luffy describes the specific jobs of the crew, Zoro is a swordsman while Sanji is the cook. And Luffy is the captain but does not behave like one, so he is also for brawls only.

2‘Pirate Hunter’ Roanoa Zoro

Zoro one piece

There is a debate in the community that Zoro or Luffy, Who is stronger? I think it is not fair to compare Luffy with Zoro, do not get me wrong here. These two are not at all far apart in terms of power however my reasoning is pretty straightforward.

Luffy is the captain and will always be the strongest in his crew, both of these monsters have unbelievable feats of toughness and offense. The last thing to say is that Zoro has not shown his true powers yet, he has just pounded and played with any opponent he got thus far.

It was awesome seeing Apoo getting one-shotted by our favorite moss head. You cannot even believe the satisfaction that granted me! The stuff gets real when something pisses off my man Zoro.

Zoro vs Jinbei and Jinbei vs Sanji:

The problem with comparing Sanji, Zoro, and Jimbe is none of them have had good opponents. In the case of Zoro, he has just destroyed anyone he has faced till now. As for Sanji and Jinbe, they have fought tough opponents that are in a different league than them. It’s either an impossible win or an easy win, no one knows the true potential except Oda. The reason I will put Zoro and Sanji above Jinbe is, that they have lots of room to grow. While I can’t see Jinbe getting an OP ability in the middle of an arc.

It’s about the new generation surpassing the old generations kind of thing. Jinbe is already past his prime, while Zoro and Sanji haven’t even hit the peak of their powers. The battle will go something like this, Jinbe will dominate at the start of the fight due to his extensive battle experience. But as they fight, Zoro and Sanji’s Haki will improve and they will unlock new abilities in the middle of the fight. Then it would probably be Moss’s head vs Swirly Brows.

Still, we can eliminate the possibility that Sanji and Zoro will already rival Jinbe once they show their full abilities.

Apart from power scaling, Luffy is one of the best Shounen protagonists ever in my opinion. Of course, he is untainted by greed for the crown of the pirate king, as he just wants the most freedom in the world and nothing more. He could have gone on a journey to find his dad or mom, but he is not affected by those things, he is the embodiment of an adventurous spirit. Luffy is all about the journey, rather than the goal.


  1. I definitely think usopp is stronger than nami and robin. Don’t forget that he is a sniper with observation haki, and has a seemingly endless supply of tools and trick. There is no reason robin of nami should be able to defeat him. In nami’s case, usopp helped build the climatact, and therefore knows how it works, as well as any weaknesses it may have. In Robin’s case, she can only use her power if she can see you, which is a really terrible matchup for a sniper as capable as usopp.


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