Edens Zero: New Anime From Fairy Tail’s Author is Here!

All about the release of Eden Zero Anime!

Eden Zero Episode 1 Rebecca from edens zero with a robot

All About Edens Zero Anime:

Edens Zero anime is the anime adaptation of the manga that has the same name. The author, Hiro Mashima is also the writer behind one of the most popular shonen anime Fairy Tail. Some of you might know, the Fairy Tail Manga ended back in 2017, moreover, the anime’s last season has also finished airing.

Without wasting any time, Mr. Mashima went back to drawing manga less than a year after finishing Fairy Tail. This manga was Eden’s Zero, which now has 130+ chapters available. This time around Mashima has dabbled with the sci-fi genre, different from all his previous work. He also coined the term “Space Fantasy” while describing his new anime, which is differently different from other shonen anime out there. Some elements of the story are both recognizable and relatable to the new generation of teens.

The story is set in a world where interstellar travel is freely accessible to almost all of the population, and this allows for intermingling among the aliens as well. The story follows Rebeca and Happy (yes the same one) who are B-cubers (similar to Youtubers) traveling across the universe discovering new places and sharing them on a video platform via B-cube, a futuristic live video recording, and a streaming device. They come across a Shiki on a deserted planet only inhabited by robots. Some events transpire and we witness the formation of the new trio ready to go on new adventures!

Eden’s Zero Anime Trailer is Out!

Eden’s Zero Anime Episode 1 is Finally Here!

Officially the release time of Edens Zero is on April 10th, 2021. But, Episode 1 of Season 1 is already out and is available to be watched right now. Although the reason is unclear, the most probable cause seems to be a data leak.

The leaked episode one has been surfacing on many Pirated Anime websites. Moreover, it can also be viewed on Youtube by searching the term “Eden’s Zero Episode 1”. Apparently, the episode has been illegally uploaded by various YouTube channels that are willing to break YouTube policy on copyrighted content. According to our observations, we can say, that the crackdown on this copyrighted content is yet to be started. The illegal monetization and perpetuation of Copyrighted Anime Content is been a problem for a while now.


In recent years, we have seen some large Anime producers taking strict action against these YouTube channels. Thus, we are expecting similar action would be taken in the case of Edens Zero. Since the situation is especially sensitive, the release of the first episode is one of the most crucial aspects of the marketing of the show. But unfortunately, Eden’s Zero’s leak may become a huge liability for the stakeholders.

On the contrary, it is also possible that this leak serves as a great marketing tool. This could be similar to the various PR stunts often attributed to Hollywood. Whether this is done deliberately or not is also unclear right now. But after analyzing the situation, and observing a lack of planning leads us to assume this was in fact a genuine mistake rather than a marketing ploy. Keep in mind, that the situations are just unfolding, so we should withhold our judgment for now.

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Animators Behind Eden Zero:

The anime is animated by the studio, J.C.Staff. Where the director in chief will be Shinji Ishihara, the man behind the Fairy tail Anime. Moreover, Yuushi Suzuki will also be a director of the project, while Yurika Sako will be designing all the characters. Mitsutaka Hirota is also on board as a composer.

Voice Actors Behind Eden Zero:

The Japanese Voice Actors behind the main characters are as follows: Takuma Terashima will be the voice behind the male lead Shiki Granbell. And while Mikako Komatsu will voice the female lead Rebecca Bluegarden and as for the last member of the trio Happy will be voiced by Rie Kugimiya.


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