Is Denki Kaminari a Traitor? My Hero Theory Explained!

Is Denki Kiminari Evil?

In My Hero Academia, after the incident at The UA High School, The League of Villains was one step ahead of everyone. At that time, our Heros were speculating that there is a traitor among them. Many fans believe that the traitor could be Denki Kaminari and this could be the theory that might convince you as well.

Denki Kaminari is one of the more prominent side characters that fans adore. While some of us have a bit of emotional attachment to his character, even though we don’t know much about him. This lack of information surrounding his character makes him a little too suspicious in my eyes. He can very well be the traitor—let me explain how.

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Reasons That Make Denki a Traitor!

Dual Personality

Kaminari’s quirk is electricity and according to science, electricity has both positive and negative charges. Since they are opposite charges, they attract each other. We can take this concept and also apply it to Kaminari’s mental state. In other words, Kaminari could have a positive and a negative side to him as well. This character trait is a perfect fit for a traitor character who can pretend to be good.

As we all know, whenever Kaminari uses his quirk too much he becomes dumb. This can be seen as a trigger that switches his personality. While his real self is not able to remember anything since his other personality is the one in control now. What if it’s all just an act to fool his friends as well as everyone else at UA High? What if in reality, when he overuses his quirk he actually becomes evil?


We all know that once Kiminari uses his quirks past his limit, he becomes dumb, right? But in chapter 29 of the manga, when Kiminari uses his quirk up to 1.3 million volts (which is over his limit) he was fine and nothing happened to him. Maybe he forgot to act dumb that time as it was way before when he had improved his quirk limit.

After all, further in the manga, he fights with Shiozaki and uses his quirk again up to 1.3 volts, but this time he becomes dumb. This inconsistency in his powers goes on to prove that maybe it’s all just an act. Maybe it just slipped his mind the first time, and the second time he remembered to act dumb and naïve.

Secret Communication Ability

This theory started at the USJ incident where the villain Kurogiri and Shigiraki received intel about the location of the students, while there was someone who was jamming the signals the UA students and the faculty can’t get any help because of it.

Kaminari has a communication earpiece that allows him to send signals with the help of his quirk. Apart from this, he could also probably jam the signals by using his quirk. This leads to a possibility that he was the one who jammed the signals that traped his friends with their foes.

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Another incident happened at the training camp where the location of the student was highly confidential as only a few people know about it. The only people who knew about the exact location of the training grounds were the higher-ups as well as the students who were present there.

denki missing

In a panel of the manga given above, you can see that everyone was sleeping. Everyone except Kaminari was not there because maybe he snuck out of his bed at midnight and send signals to the villains.

This was not a drawing mistake as we can see the same thing happen in anime as well. We don’t know the extent of his intelligence, since we are yet to be introduced to his other personality, hence we also don’t know how dangerous he is.

Symbolism of a Villian Organisation

During the recent meta liberation arc of the manga, the meta liberation army uses a hand sign with the finger up their head to represent themselves. While in the latest arc which is known as the internship arc when all the students were giving their fake interviews, Kaminirai uses the meta liberation hand sign to his forehead.

denki villian pose

Although many fans argue that this is not valid as all the members of the army use the sign with their right hand, while Kaminari uses his left hand. And to that I say, this is simply not true as it counts whether you are using a right hand or a left hand, as long as you are making a proper sign.

Furthermore in the meta liberation arc the battle between Toga and Lady Curious, after a short time lady curious use her left hand for the meta liberation hand sign, for this reason, it proves that it doesn’t matter which hand you use as long as you are making the sign.

This leads me to think that Kaminari is not truly evil. What if his true self is battling with his other self? Maybe one of his split personalities is good and the other one is bad. One side of his selves is working with the heroes and the other one with villain He has a powerful quirk, he has charisma and everything. Anime such as one piece, Naruto, etc where lighting is a fearful and powerful element of a character.


If there’s a traitor in class 1-A its most probably would be Kaminari. A remarkable characteristic of a traitor is someone who is very powerful and deceives everyone by its dumbness like Kanjuro from one piece and the masked guy (Obito Uchiha) at first in the Naruto Shippuden who was one of the strongest characters in Naruto. Denki could be one of the strongest in my hero academia who knows maybe he is a kind of a character who acts mostly behind the strong people and shadows themselves which is perfectly suitable and sounds fitting in Denki’s character development in the story.




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