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Seven Deadly Sins is literally the most-watched anime on Netflix, ever! This popularity is well-earned as it is often considered as one of the battle shonen out there. The anime has everything a shonen anime lover needs, we have huge battles, great world-building (although not quite One Piece level), gripping stories, and an excellent set of characters. More on the characters, I think they are the most crucial aspect that paved the way for the anime’s success.

Today, we will be looking at the best Seven Deadly Sins characters according to the fans. These are the results of an official poll on characters done in the 26th issue. Keep in mind, this was the second poll (latest) done back in 2019 before the start of the demon king arc. The List will be updated if another popularity poll is released.

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What are the Best and Most Popular 7 Deadly Sins Anime Characters?

10Merlin: Boar’s Sin of GluttonyMerlin best character seven deadly sins

One of the most clever characters in the franchise. Yet, most fans do not take kindly to Merlin, they say she is more of an object than a character, she is just there to make the story fit. I know the reason why she is on the list, it’s because she is smoking hot. But, I disagree with most fans, and if you are up to date, you should be familiar with her insanely cunning feats achieved without direct combat, and actions that make her one ofif not the most accomplished character that has acquired everything without outside help.

9Gowther: The Goat’s Sin of LustGowther: The Goat's Sin of Lust

This one is a very complicated character, and I can see why people like him so much. He is not extremely overpowered in the conventional sense of brute force, but he holds the power to change everything. Although I suspect that is not the main reason why most fans love him so much. It has more to do with him being fun to watch. Well, it is still unclear if it was the doll or the man people liked, but I loved them both.

8Elizabeth: The Cursed GoddessElizbeth anime seven deadly sins

I think this is the most acceptable place for Elizabeth for me—please put down these pitchforks and torches—just hear me out first. I know she is hot and pretty compassionate, but it takes more to create a good character. She and Meliodis are starcrossed lovers (maybe something even more than that), but I think she should get a life. Like her whole life revolves around Meliodes and she does not have an identity of her own. Her powers are overpowered but she is too mediocre to utilize them properly. I don’t hate her specifically, I just have a problem with ‘damsel in distress’ characters—I hate them all.

7Diane: Serpent’s Sin of EnvyDiane: Serpent's Sin of Envy

I am not happy with this placement, I think she should be higher. I know some of her characteristics may come off as annoying and arrogant, but she is a character with multiple layers. People see a giant brute at first look, but when you peel underneath you see a considerably conscientious girl that learns from her mistakes. She works hard to attain her powers, well it’s not entirely hard work I do admit she is blessed. Remember when she and King sort of time traveled? There Daine developed a state where she understands people while learning from their actions—and trying to find the right way.

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6Estarossa: The LoveEstarossa: The Love

Esterosa’s character design and character traits make him impossible to be hated. This guy does not hate anyone and that’s a fact. I mean he does what he is told but without any ill will or personal vendetta. I will try to keep things spoiler-free for those of you who haven’t caught up. So please move along with the next item on the list.

Actually his both names Mael and Estarossa made it to the list independently. And coincidently they were right beside each other, where Mael was number 6 and Esterossa was at number 7. So, I have merged them in one to make this list mostly spoiler-free.

5Zeldris: The ExecutionerZeldris: The Executioner

To be honest, I didn’t really think much of Zeldris when he was introduced. The guy seemed like someone made to be the polar opposite of Meliodis and nothing more, like an evil twin or something. As he had the same physical appearance, but with some darker features and hair that are grown in the opposite rotation compared to Meliodis, essentially making him a mirror image of him. Although, my opinion of him changed drastically as the story moved further, as he is truly a badass character that has his own identity. His relationship with Gelda was what made me think of him as a more layered character than I initially thought.

4Escanor: The Loin’s Sin of PrideEscanor: The Loin's Sin of Pride

Esconor is one of the most exceptional characters in all of anime, and that’s a fact. We have seen dozen maybe even hundreds of characters that start off as weak and later on become overpowered monsters that are feared across the world. But, the sin of pride goes through this cycle every 24 hours! Like my dude goes from the weakest to the strongest man on earth every day. We all know that weakness plays a major role in humbling the people. But this guy experiences great strength and crippling weakness every day, yet he remains the most arrogant man on earth (but he can always back up his big talk). He is truly befitting of his tile as the sin of Pride.

3Ban: The Fox’s Sin of GreedBan: The Fox's Sin of Greed

Ban is certainly a character with his own very unique charm. If you have to describe Ban to an unknowing guy, he will definitely think that Ban is a villain or an anti-hero at the very least. He hits all the checkmarks, the main one being his immortality. Do you remember the last time you saw an immortal righteous character (unless it’s common in that specific anime universe)? Although he is a human, he has pretty noticeable fangs, red eyes, and a badass neck-to-face scar. Apart from that, he also dresses like an evil vampire. And yeah I know Meliodas is also immortal and a freaking demon, but he looks like an adorable little hobbit, so nobody has trouble believing him as a good guy.

2King: The Grizzly’s Sin of SlothKing: The Grizzly's Sin of Sloth

This cute-looking Fairy King is a powerhouse when it comes to combat. This was established pretty bluntly when he tore a hole in Ban’s chest in his introduction scene. Although, he has come a long way since then, as now his full form makes him one of the most powerful characters in the universe. But, we all know this is not the main reason behind his popularity. The real reason is his all-around likable character which has compassion, love, and kindness that makes him a great leader for all the fairies. He has a sad backstory, which makes his innocence even more beloved among the fans.

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1Meliodas: The Dragon’s Sin of WrathMeliodas: The Dragon's Sin of Wrath

I am sure this has surprised no one! The picture boy of the most overpowered and badass anime character wins the poll. Well, he is the main character and the captain of the 7 deadly sins. There are many reasons why Meliodas is so well-loved, my dude is freaking alpha. He’s always there to save the day and does not back away from any fight no matter the odds. I know that’s pretty common for shounen protagonists, but what makes this guy stand apart from the rest of the battle shounen anime protagonists is that he has a girlfriend. Most of us shounentards already know about how dense these guys can be, whether it’s Luffy, Natsu, Naruto, or any other shounen mc for that matter. Perhaps, the main reason for him being so different is 7 Deadly Sins not being a manga published by Shounen Jump.

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