12 Best Anime Movies 2020 Released in Japan

Most of them will probably release in USA this year, in 2020.

best anime movies 2020

Here you will get the best anime movies that are released in 2020, according to the Japanese release. As you already know, all anime movies are first released in Japan, and then internationally.

So, the fans who are looking for new anime movies to watch are getting recommended last year films, (already been aired in Japan 2019)

Many awesome anime movies like Weathering with You and Promare are airing internationally in 2020, but let’s not forget they are already last year’s news.

So, are you also wondering, where the heck are all the 2020 anime movies?

Well, a simple answer for that is this pandemic, thus most of the anime movies to be released this year were canceled or delayed. Obviously, because you need cinemas to premier a movie, and for most of the year they were closed in Japan, as well as the world.

But don’t worry guys, I have you covered! As I have scavenged twelve good anime that are fresh and crispy, these anime movies are perfect for extremely seasoned Otakus/Weebs, as well as for high functioning casual Anime fans.

Now let us begin with our list!


Starting off our list with a good movie to watch for the existing Attack on Titan fans. Hold your horses, I have to mention this not an original production, rather it is a compilation or recap. It’s a perfect movie to watch before the release of season 4, sometime in December 2020.

Think of it as a gift from the Attack on Titan franchise as you won’t have to re-watch the previous three seasons. Although we Weebs certainly won’t mind a chunky binge of a good 59 episodes, still it’s nice to have options.

And I think this is a nice time to mention that you will not be caught up to AOT, just by watching this movie. Chronicle will serve as a good recollection of main events for the up-to-date fans, but for new watchers, it would seem like an incomprehensible extremely fast-paced mess.


You can scroll down a little to go to number 10 if you are looking for something original to watch.

Because this movie is actually a compilation, with a tiny bit of remastering to the original identically name anime show, Gundam Reconguista in G.

This movie is the second installment in a total of five movies that would recollect Reconguista as a movie series. So, if you are an OG Gundam Fan please do check it out if you are up for that nostalgia hit. And as for those who are wondering how to start watching Gundam, you can click here.

10HIGH SCHOOL FLEET MOVIEHighschool Fleet Anime movie

Highschool Fleet was also known as Haifuri was a lovely anime released back in 2016 with a single season and just twelve episodes. But it did manage to make a sturdy home in the hearts of many anime fans, who were craving some more of that good stuff.

On the surface, Haifuri seems like another one of those ‘cute anime girls doing cute anime girl stuff’, however it’s so much more than that (not that there is anything wrong with cute girls doing cute stuff). The girls are cute of course, but they are doing freaking awesome stuff, like the battles are tactical and hype. And the characters have… well so much character and charm.

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Coming to the plot and setting, Japan along with the rest of the world is now mostly underwater, and the cities have a lot of water between them. Since there is more water, the nation needs more navy, and to ensure the ocean’s safety Japan has deployed its greatest weapons, CUTE ANIME GIRLS ON FREAKING HUGE WARSHIPS!

This faction is proudly known as the Blue Mermaid and, to train this adorable army, esteemed high schools have opened up. Hence this is a story of Highschool girls following their dreams of becoming the honored Blue Mermaids.

9SHIROBAKO MOVIEShirobako Movie Poster Anime movie

The movie continues the story of the anime but after a time skip of about 4 years. It’s about the struggles of a professional, or rather a leader to get things done, in this case working for Musashino Animation. And if you are not familiar with the franchise, well it’s an anime about making anime, a little bit like Barakamon but keep in mind making an anime is no joke.

It’s a high-budget game with really big stakes, and I personally think everybody should give it a watch. If for no other reason than to get an inside into how much work is put in every single anime ever made, maybe we will start appreciating the medium more than we already do.


This is it guys! I firmly believe this time it’s really over, no matter how sad I am to say this but, Digimon is finally over. I know, that it’s not the first time Digimon has pulled the last card but, watching this movie made me cry, it finally made me say goodbye to the franchise.

Set 5 years after the events of Digimon Adventure tri, the gang is all grow up, so much so that they have become actual productive members of society, unlike me. Taichi and Yamato have beers together at a Japanese bar while discussing what they’re going to do after university, whereas Hikari and Takeru are facing their first year of university. And Izumi is the CEO of his own tech business, as for Mimi, she is spreading kawaii across the world.

Expectedly Sora is following in the footsteps of her family, and yet the DigiDestined work still goes on. Digimon problems are still appearing in the world and the 01 kids are helping protect Tokyo.

Moving on, it seems like Last Evolution is made for long-term, die-hard Digimon fans like me, who have grown up watching and loving it since this film is made for adults not for kids. Consequently, it has pretty grown-up themes, like passing the torch to the next generation. As for me, it felt like Last Evolution was a way of the franchise finally saying goodbye, signifying the end of this journey.


Hathaway’s Flash is the very first installment to the anime adaptation of the light novel of the same name. The series in total would consist of three movies, in other words, a trilogy of films.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about Hathaway’s Flash is its source material, which was written by Tomino after Char’s Counterattack. And it was his take on what the Universal Century may become after the era of Amuro and Char, as well as the conclusion of Neo Zeon.

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The story follows Hathaway Noa, Bright Noa’s now rather alienated son. Similar to what happened in the period of Zeta Gundam, the unchecked Federation became tyrannical, as it was hinted a while back.

And thus, the new group of freedom fighters named Mafty has formed to challenge their authority. They are considered as a terrorist organization by the Federation due to obvious reasons, so here we go again.

6GOBLIN SLAYER: GOBLIN’S CROWNGoblin Slayer Movie Anime movie

The Sword Maiden requests Goblin Slayer and the gang to rescue a nobleman. To honor it, the party heads up to the snowy mountains to the north. What’s that? There is a small village that is raided by the Goblins. So naturally, the Goblin Slayer goes out to do some slaying.

Following the trail, he stumbles upon a mysterious chapel, later he notices these Goblins are behaving a little different than usual.  It seems like there are some advancements in their civilization, apparently, they have hierarchal structures now, and some actually decent weapons.

Although the movie is a continuation of season one, yet almost 25 minutes are used up in recalling the previous events. Thus, the movie serves as an excellent chance for unfamiliar people to get up to the speed with Goblin Slayer franchise.


The Psycho Pass 3: First Inspector is the direct sequel to the 3rd season of the series. The movie serves as a grand finale for the franchise, and thus it tries to answer as many mysteries as possible, that was left being by the last season. The movie’s primary focus is to give a conclusion to the arc of Bifrost and the foxes, which added many new characters.

The wrap-up of the latest season was not sufficient at all, so this movie is pretty much necessary to give you peace. It was a great movie with excellent technicalities like music and animation, but we all know the writing has only declined after the second season.

Perhaps the greatest thing about First Inspector is that it is available to watch right now as 3-episode fourth season on Amazon Prime. And because of that we gladly skip the phase of illegal cam quality release with horrible subs, while jumping right into the good stuff.


Speaking of awesome anime movies available to watch right now at the comfort of your home, I present you Burn the Witch. A Netflix adaptation of the great manga of the same name, I know all the memes trolling the Netflix’s adaptations, but that’s only true for the live-action ones.

We know the animation ones are great, like for example Castlevania, not exactly a manga adaption, but It was extremely captivating. Coming back on the topic, this anime movie is a standalone, and by watching I couldn’t help but notice that the movie serves as an introduction possibly hinting at a much longer-running series.


Burn the Witch is actually set in the same universe as Bleach, but it takes a look at the totally different aspect of the Bleach universe. Essentially doing much more world-building for Bleach, as it follows the adventures of two Witches named, Noel Niihashi and Ninny Spangcole, serving the Wing Bind in Reverse London, which is the western branch of Soul Society inhabited by Dragons. And this is obviously kept secret from the Human World’s London, is anybody else getting Harry Potter Vibes?

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3Violet Evergarden MovieThe Violet Evergarden Movie Poster Anime movie

Another direct sequel to its original anime series was released back in 2018. The movie will follow the journey of Violet Evergarden, an auto memory doll (people who write on the behalf of others who can’t), she is still unable to forget Gilbert, the guy who taught her the meaning of love.

One day, she meets Gilbert’s older brother Dietfried, who tells her that she must forget about his brother and try to move on, but it is unbearable for her. Shortly after, Violet takes a call from a rather young client, while the post office discovers a letter with no address deskbound in their warehouse – Do yourself a favor and please start watching it, the animation is among the all-time best, and the writing is solid as well.

This movie marks the end of the whole story, and what a satisfying end is this. Yeah! I am definitely biased but I think this is one of the best Anime movies of all time, the ending was actually good.

2Made in Abyss Movie: Dawn of the Deep SoulMade in Abyss Movie: Dawn of the Deep Soul Anime movie

Last year something heartbreaking happened to me. I watched one of the greatest shows I have ever watched, only to discover it is just one season.

I thought, surely, I can quench my thirst by consuming some source material.

A manga, a light novel, anything! Turns out, that all there was to it, as the whole mange was fully adapted. I longed for it, so you can understand my absolute hype when I found out that a new Made in Abys movie has come out and it is expanding upon the storyline. The previous movies were actually just compilations, which adapted the Anime season one into the movie format. But as I have said earlier, this one is legit, it moved the storyline further while matching the quality of the previous season.

That’s all the info for the fans, and as for the rest of you, just go watch Made in Abyss, you will get hooked after a single episode. Watch season one, and then watch the movie, while the show is adapted fully in the movie format as well with 2 movies, for the busy people.

1Fate Stay Night Movie: Heaven’s Feel – III. Spring SongFate Stay Night Movie: Heaven's Feel - III. Spring Song Anime movie

It’s here my people!

Although I am yet to watch the movie, I have heard some really good things from my fellow weebs friends. So, as you can guess, your boy is hyped as hell for this, you might have noticed that most fans are never happy with the ending of a long-running media, right? Maybe they don’t really want to let go of it?

I was expecting some similar negative fan sentiments, but to my surprise, fans absolutely love it. I haven’t even come across a single guy who is harshly criticizing it. As you know Spring Song will mark the conclusion of Heaven’s Feel route, which is like a parallel timeline,- I can’t really explain it here so here is a link to how you should start watching fate.

Edit: Watched it, the greatest Trilogy Ever!



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