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The Most Powerful Straw hat pirates Luffy Zoro Sanji Jinbe

All Straw Hat Pirates Ranked by Strength! (June 2021)

Ranking One Piece Main Characters: What is the power ranking of Straw Hat Pirates after Jinbe joined? I know this question has plagued many One Piece fans and it always results in a toxic debate....
best underrated comedy anime

Top 5 Funniest Underrated Comedy Anime To Watch Right Now

What are the Most Underrated Comedy Animes? The list of top 5 most underrated Comedy Anime is: 1. School Rumble 2. Detroit Metal City 3. Grand Blue Dreaming 4. Handa-Kun 5. Cromartie Highschool Now let's move forward with helping you pick...
Naruto vs pain animation

Naruto vs Pain Fight has Bad Animation? Let’s Explain!

In the ‘Pain arc’ of Naruto Shipudden the fight against the main villain spanned almost 7 episodes. But the particular scenes of the Naruto vs Pain fight I am referring to are in episode...
best anime movies 2020

12 Best Anime Movies 2020 Released in Japan

Here you will get the best anime movies that are released in 2020, according to the Japanese release. As you already know, all anime movies are first released in Japan, and then internationally. So, the...
Is Denki Kiminari Evil?

Is Denki Kaminari a Traitor? My Hero Theory Explained!

In My Hero Academia, after the incident at The UA High School, The League of Villains was one step ahead of everyone. At that time, our Heros were speculating that there is a traitor...
Anime like rent a girl friend

5 Best Anime Like Rent-a-Girlfriend that are Absolutely Heart Warming

So you are looking for more good romantic comedies like Rent a Girlfriend? This list has some of the five best rom-com animes that Rent a Girl Friend fan would love. Best recommendations you will...
anime like black clover

17 Best Anime like Black Clover for Shounen Anime Fans

Black Clover is hands down one of the best Shounen anime to have come out in recent years, and that’s a fact. And if you don’t know Shounen is the most popular sub-genre of...