5 Best Anime Like Rent-a-Girlfriend that are Absolutely Heart Warming

Anime like rent a girl friend

So you are looking for more good romantic comedies like Rent a Girlfriend?

This list has some of the five best rom-com animes that Rent a Girl Friend fan would love. Best recommendations you will find anywhere, each one is worthy to be binge-watched and I guarantee that you will keep re-watching them from time to time because they are just that good. Make a story with an abundance of comedy and sprinkle some romance hence there you have it, a recipe for a show that will always lighten up your mood, a show that is both wholesome and funny.

We love Anime! We love romance! We love comedy! this genre is made for us, here are my recommendations that you should definitely check out. I have provided snippets of the anime’s plot that you may find captivating, along with some clips of the funny moments in the show. And as always absolutely, no spoilers, so please be at ease.

Although if you are a fan of comedy anime in general. You can check this list of ‘underrated comedy anime everyone needs to watch‘. This is the perfect anime recommendation for anyone who has seen the most popular anime and is looking for something fresh to watch.

What Are the Best Romantic Comedy Anime Out There Like Kanojo, Okarishimasu?

Below is the list of the best five romantic comedy anime like Rent a Girlfriend:

  1. School Rumble
  2. The Pet Girl of Sakurasou
  3. Oregairu
  4. Toradora!
  5. Maid Sama!

5Maid Sama!Romentic comedy anime Maid Sama

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 26

Dubbed: Yes

This anime is about a high school girl, named Misaki Ayuzawa, Who works in a maid cafe as a part-time employee. Although she wants to keep her job confidential, Takumi Usui a classmate of hers finds out about it. This guy is your typical coolest guy in high school, handsome and a loner by choice. Even though I said ‘typical’, it doesn’t mean he is bad, as he has a fun character with some goofy traits. This anime has a perfect balance of romance and comedy.

4Toradora!Anime like Rent-a-Girlfriend Tora Dora

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 25

Dubbed: Yes

This show has some really unique characters, You might think each one of them can be put under a specific genre, but you just cannot. Explaining the plot may give some Soap Opera vibes, but it’s really not that complicated.

Our protagonist Ryuji has some particularly intimidating eyes. This always gets him mistaken as a delinquent, but on the contrary, he has a pretty sensitive, and peaceful nature. He is best friends with his schoolmate Yusaka who is a pretty attractive guy. Ryuu has a crush on Minori.

One morning he bumps into Taiga, who is a tsundere delinquent. Instead of being cool about it, they get into a problem, and now they hate each other. However, later they both find that they have crushes on the other’s best friend. This called for a temporary truce, as the two of them agree to help each other out with their love interests. And thus a kind of love triangle is made, and the story won’t blow your minds of or anything. But the simplicity has to do with the pleasant feelings you will get while watching Tora Dora.

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Seasons: 2

Episodes: 26

Dubbed: Yes

Also known as ‘My teenage romantic comedy is wrong as expected! SNAFU’. This is especially wonderful as a wholesome experience. Our protagonist Hachiman is one of the best characters in the medium, he has quite a dark view of the world, which he shares from time to time. He is a hero in his own right, yet not having a shred of popularity. The story follows as he is forced to join a Volunteer Service Club by his educator. The reason being an essay he wrote, which mocked modern social relationships and this raises concerns for his mental health. In the service club, he meets Yukino, the club president.

This anime is more on the ‘good plot and comedy side’ as the first season has virtually no romance whatsoever. The later season is a bit quieter and serious.

But when you reach seasons two and three, you will be able to appreciate the dialogue, because the anime will make you fall in love with the characters.

2The Pet Girl of SakurasouAnime like rental girlfriend

Seasons: 1

Episodes: 25

Dubbed: Yes

I can’t explain this anime as well as it deserves, but I will strive to do it justice.

Sorata (protagonist) ends up in a dorm for problem children due to having a pet cat, even though he is your typical good student. One day a girl with a strange personality, Shiro, also rolls into the same dorm,

Although she is a brilliant artist, living with her is described as having a pet. Due to the fact that she needs help taking care of her own self, a day passes and Sorata is made to take care of her due to a unanimous decision by his dorm mates. And that leads to uncountable cute and hilarious moments.

The show is a must-watch, being especially close to my heart as it inspires viewers to follow their dream. I mean after watching this you be inspired to do something. Thus it’s my go-to show to watch when I am feeling down

1School Rumbleromentic comedy anime School rumble

Seasons: 3

Total episodes: 54

Dubbed: yes

School Rumble is one of the best anime that I have ever watched. The reasoning behind this is, maybe because I am attracted to long-running shows. This series contains a wide variety of fun and unique characters.

The comedy is absolutely gold, romance is there, although not in an intense manner. Romance is present in an absolutely perfect quantity for a show of this type, not focusing too much on the main couple, rather it focuses on the little sparks between different characters among its vast cast.

The art style is pretty old even though the animation itself is fine.

The show features two protagonists. First is Kenji Harima, the ‘baddest badass‘ in the whole school, and the second is Tenma Tsukamoto, an airhead who is in love with Karasuma, unaware that our other protagonist, Harima, has a crush on her. Harima is such a loveable character, makes you want to root for him all the way through the journey.

Some Honorable Mentions

Honorable Mentions:

  • Fruit basket
  • Golden time
  • Love complex
  • Yamada-Kun and 7 witches (a must watch)
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Maid-Sama, in my opinion, is inferior to Yamada-Kun. But it has an abundance of romance, more than any other show on the list.


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