About Us

Web Dwellers (or webdwellers.com) is a content-creating company founded in 2020. The purpose is to share insightful content i.e recommendations, reviews, and news on the various entertainment mediums of this generation. Primarily the younger people who love anime, videogames, tv shows, and movies.

We are here to serve the interests of the people who spend much of their time on the internet. We have a diverse team of writers who are well-versed in their respective industries, with exceptional fact-checking skills. Apart from that, be warned some of our writers may have some strong controversial opinions concerning their favorite tv show, but that just their passion speaking. On the other hand, since most of our group have spent a considerable period of our lives on the internet, we like to call ourselves a team of passionate introverts. Who can create engaging content that speaks to even the most hardcore fans of anime, gaming, and all the geeky stuff we live for!